"Morning was the best. My doll, Emma, is really excited to blog on her blog!"
Kelsi - Stories from a Doll's Point of View

"I asked Morning to make me a favicon for my blog. She e-mailed me back very shortly after. The favicon she made me is so adorable! Morning is very nice and the no. 1 person I would recommend to make a design for me. Thanks Morning!"

"Morning has made my blog worth visiting again, after I screwed up on my design. She was very easy to work with and I loved the finished product! It's like she took the design that I had been imagining right out of my head! If you are looking for a fresh new design, I recommend Morning completely!"
Trinity- Lord's Girls

"I am very pleased with the design I got from Designs by Morning. Morning is helpful, friendly, and takes pride in her work. If you're looking for a hassle free and stunning design, look no further."

"Morning is honestly one of the best designers out there. I love my blog every time and she is so fast and great!"
Sophia - Light of the World

"Morning did a great job designing my blog!  It was done fast and well!  Morning put everything I wanted into the design and it came out just the way I wanted it to!  She used all of the details that I wanted her to use in the design.  When I asked her to make a change, it was changed just how I wanted it!  Morning was very helpful with the blog design and I will use Morning for other blog designs!  Thanks, Morning!  :)"
Amelia - Smile Spreaders

"I didn't really know what I wanted at first, so I asked for the "Surprise Package" and that's certainly what I got! It was a beautiful design, but not quite what I had in mind. She was so good about making the changes I asked her to make, and she was so very friendly.
         If you ever need a new look on your blog, I would definitely encourage you to look at Morning's other designs, and totally fill out the order form that she has provided. Don't worry though! It's free of charge, and absolutely gorgeous."

"Morning's designs are fantastic! I love how she incorporated the colors I chose into a blog design that was unique, sophisticated, and exactly what I'd been looking for."

"Morning was a pleasure to work with - she made my original design in under a day and then changed all the little bits and pieces I wanted her to (the overall design was under a week!). Even with time differences, it was a very quick design. I always recommend Morning to anyone who needs help, she is so efficient and lovely! Thanks Morning!"

"-Time management; you take care of a blogger fairly quickly
-Easy to work with
-Easy designs for readers to adapt to
-Contact form is easy to follow
-Great product

I've been very pleased with the way my blog designs have come out. I cannot thank you enough for doing them for me."

"I've had my blog template changed many times, but Morning's is the one which I kept for longest.  I was super picky! She must have changed the design twenty times before it was done in order for me to be happy, and I was! :)"